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Train Green Programme
Train Green Programme

Orientation Programme for Class XI

An inter school competition "Train Green Programme " was organised by HSBC as a part of their CSR project. Our school was selected for this program as one of the ten best eco – friendly schools in Kolkata. The program included 4 workshops (each of duration 4 hours )which were conducted by the mentors from HSBC over the course of 3months -November, December, January. The aim of these workshops was to create awareness and inspire us to take such steps that are sustainable towards the improvement of the environment . We planted saplings, learned how to make compost on a small scale, as a part of our project.

After sheer hard work over the period of 3 months under our mentors' as well as Mrs.Sen's guidance and support we came up with innovative ideas that we would showcase in our presentation. We took up the topic of Waste Management and presented the initiatives and efforts we as change agents had taken in order to preserve our environment.

Finally on the 3rd of February, accompanied by Mrs. Rakshit, we went to attend the competition. There were 9 other schools with 10 participants each,their teacher & their trainers from H.S.B.C. We gave a powerpoint presentation of 10 mins on our topic WANT NOT - WASTE NOT. Our project to generate electricity using citrus kitchen waste and our ideas to save water were greatly appreciated. We even received a standing ovation and placed first overall by a large margin. Our team won The Best School Trophy and our friend Simran Dhir was chosen as the Best Train Green Agent. She received a cash award of Rs 5000/-

It was a great learning experience. We got a chance to ask as well as answer questions in front of an eager audience which gave rise to tough but healthy competition.

We would like to thank Sister Nirmala and Mrs. Basu for giving us the opportunity to participate, the H.S.B.C. team for arranging this event and selecting our school for the program, our project co-ordinator Mrs Sen for her constant guidance & support, Mrs. Ghosh and Ms. Bhattacharyya for their valuable inputs in the last 2 sessions and Mrs. Rakshit for accompanying us on the final day.

TGP –Team
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