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Seminars and Workshops
The Leadership Conference

Report on The Leadership Conference hosted by St Xavier's Collegiate School:

On the 3rd May, 2024, four students namely, Prajna Agarwal 9(2), Geet Jagpal 10(2) , Tulip Banthia 11(H), and Daniella D'Abreo 12(H) attended a Leadership Conference at St. Xavier's Collegiate School accompanied by our teacher, Mrs. S. Dhir. The theme for the Panel Discussion and presentations thereafter was "Multipolar World: Redefining Leadership Amongst the Youth." The Conference started with an introductory speech by the Acting Principal of St. Xavier's Collegiate School followed by speeches made by the three eminent panelists, Dr. Rituparna Basu, Mr. Raju Raman and Ms. Oindrilla Dutt. After the panel discussion we were given an hour's break to work on our presentations and corresponding PPT. This was followed by each School Team making its presentation. Even though we did not win, we were truly enlightened by the inspiring and enriching session. We were able to learn a lot about the qualities that one must have to be a leader and we hope to imbibe the values mentioned in order to become a successful leaders in the future who will work for the progress of society and the world at large.

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