Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Christmas Party 2017
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  • Event date: 25/11/2017
  • Updated on: 25/11/2017
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Description: The class IXs of Loreto House organized a Christmas Party for the children from the Rainbow Homes of the different Loreto Schools in Kolkata. It was held on 25th of November, 2017 from 2 pm – 4 pm. Once the children arrived, we had a short prayer service followed by an entertainment segment and various games. We ended the day with our guests dancing to a selection of popular songs. We had a day of joy and fun, interacting with our friends from the Rainbow Homes. We bid our friends farewell with gifts and food boxes symbolizing our love for them. This project helped us in spreading happiness and imbibing the spirit of Christmas.