Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary


On this, our 67th Republic Day Celebration, I extend a warm welcome to our Chief Guest, Mrs. S. Dudeja Founder of SHE Foundation. Thank you for so graciously accepting our invitation to be Chief Guest at this programme. Let me also welcome our Community Leader, Sister Mary and her sister Mrs. De’ Souza from Canada.

‘Make In India’ is the theme, we have chosen for this year’s Republic Day celebration.

Perhaps our erstwhile Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has taken a leaf out of Gandhiji’s book of life; his Swadeshi Movement where he envisaged, ‘Be Indian, Buy Indian’; the Mahatma motivated 1000’s to join the Swadeshi Movement, but, to Buy Indian, we must Make Indian.

But how do we, as school children bring to fruition Gandhiji’s and Ambedkar’s dream of a free and Republic India? By doing what we are doing, well; by striving for excellence in our studies as students, by taking every challenge as an opportunity for betterment, by dreaming the impossible dream, by Walking our Talk. It was Gandhiji who convinced that through the adoption of Nai Talim, in this our agro-based Mother land, we would make scientific farmers, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans in schools and colleges expressly for this purpose. Though we have deviated from this vision of the Father of the Nation, it is now up to us to work towards the fulfillment of a New India.

By pledging to lower barriers and obstacles and the use of creative and transformative educational experiences, we in Loreto, hope that we are able to ignite in our students a spark of entrepreneurship so that they will do what Mary Ward said, “ When I am in place, I will serve you”, Thus as entrepreneurs may they provide employment for others and take others with them, and serve society.

For you, dear students, you have enough talents, discipline and determination to achieve goals you set for yourselves. With courage, strength and tenacity, you can strive to reach the stars…. for, the sky is the limit.

I think our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is advocating through his Make in India campaign, a desire that we feel our ‘Indianess’. It is for us to look for ways and means to implement this historic startup of action plan and feel a sense of belonging in our home land- for when we pledge, that all Indians are our brothers and sisters, we promise to do our best in our own small ways, to uplift those in need. Let us together join hands, and in solidarity, work towards the fulfillment of this goal- a cleaner, brighter and prosperous India- MERA BHARAT MAHAN!

Sister Phyllis Morris
Loreto House
Kolkata 700071
West Bengal