Mary Ward (1585 - 1645)

Foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

principal massage

I stand here as a Mary Ward woman to share with you how the charism of Mary Ward which is so connected to the Preamble of our Constitution.

We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens:

Justice, Social, Economic and Political;

Liberty of Thought, Expression, Belief, Faith, and Worship;

Equality of Status and of Opportunity;

And to promote among them all

Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation.

We know the charism of Mary Ward is Justice, Freedom, Sincerity and Felicity. She was inspired by these virtues 400 years ago. We got our Preamble six decades ago. It is the same. As a Mary Ward woman, how do I practice Justice, Freedom, Sincerity and Felicity in my home, class room and society at large. Dear Teachers, do we connect, associate and correlate Justice, Freedom, Sincerity and Felicity in our school curriculum in the class room While we teach?

Most often we are busy completing the syllabus instead of helping our students to discover the connection between curriculum and to provide the attitude of life long learning.

My loving children does our school education help us to raise our voice against Injustice, Bondage, Slavery, Mistrust, Dishonesty, Violence against women, Children and Nature. Does it disturb us? Only this uneasiness will motivate us to be convinced and do something concrete. Then we can become persons who walk the talk. So can each of us strive to become another Mary Ward to be the voice for the voiceless. Yes, I can assure you we can do it. It is indeed a proud moment for all of us as our two of Mary Ward girls Tejaswita and Shivani from Loreto Convent Darjeeling and St. Teresa are receiving the Bravery Award today from the Hon’ble President of India. If Tejaswita and Shivani can do it We all can do it.

Gandhiji has said and I quote “ The highest form of freedom carries with it the greatest measure of discipline and humility. Freedom that comes from discipline and humility can not be denied that is freedom indeed. So I pray and wish that each of us enjoy the inner freedom by referring all to God as often fondly said by Mary Ward. May this day remind us the struggle and sacrifices of the great freedom fighter, founders and leaders who formulated the Indian Constitution. May we take the responsibility to treasure it and put them into practice which will bring forth happiness, prosperity and well being of all. Jai Hind.