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Rainbow Christmas Party 9th Dec,2023
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  • Event date: 09/12/2023
  • Updated on: 12/12/2023
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Description: On 9th December, 2023, Class IX organised a party for their friends in the Rainbow Home. Keeping in mind the essence of enchantment and magic, the theme selected was ‘Disneyland’. The first few hours passed by decorating the Big Hall and setting up the game corners. From Crossword Puzzles to Dress the Princess, the exciting games were a blast. The students, dressed as interesting characters, welcomed their dear friends. They greeted their rainbow friends with colorful bracelets and badges. The party started off in the traditional Loreto style, with a prayer service followed by fun-filled games that gave life to the party. The hall echoed with peals of laughter and melodious music. The events were followed by an ad-spoof and soulful medley. The enactment “Yamlok Mein Party” inspired by Dr. Ram Kumar Singh’s original play titled the same, made the children giggle with joy. The electrifying and spectacular dance stole the show! All the events were equally exemplary. The rainbow friends frolicking and dancing with the students made the morning truly lively and engaging. The show was enhanced when our dear Santa came with his satchel of treats followed by the prize distribution ceremony and each child was handed a bag full of pleasant surprises! The day ended cheerfully with the students singing the carols for the children and thenfinally, each child was given a lunchbox and a gift hamper and the students bid them with pockets full of candies and faces full of smiles!